Friday, May 25, 2018

Forever is InfiniteTime

What isTime?

What can there be to time if it is only the rustle of the leaves that tells you that a moment has passed? So time is a measure of the external world, like the number of times the sun seems to pass overhead. But what if there is an external and an internal measure of time. An internal clock may keep time, based on internal events.  Time might then be sped up or slowed down depending on how fast your internal clock runs.
Time travel could be the relative flow of time between internal and external timekeepers. The senses may not know the difference between an internally generated signal and an externally generated signal. Dreaming may be an internally generated world that has its own clock. The balance between internal and external clocks would give us a perception of time and a chance for time travel that speeds up or slows down the internal clock. Dreaming would be the key to controlling that internal clock.

Time flow can be controlled,  if it is a continuous stream of Programmed movements.

The mind can be programmed, the evidence is the difference between languages. Two people saying the same thing but in different languages may not understand each other, that's how different perceptions of information can be. If the mind can be programmed to perceive sounds differently, can it be programmed to perceive time differently? Can it be programmed so basically that it could control our perception of time? Then, how basic could the program get? If the perceptions of the mind are generated internally, reprogramming the mind could change the world as we know it, at least for the individual.

A Future World Scenario

We could easily be living in a machine generated environment as suggested by the movie called

The machine would control our environment by controlling our mind's perception of reality. This mechanism could be a device small enough to be strapped to our wrist, something like a present-day watch but much more. It would send signals to our mind that would indicate the way the world worked. Such instruction could begin in the dream world, which may actually be programming that perceives the world the way we do now. Learning to control your dreams would be learning to control the world.

If a perfect year has  a perfect week
then a perfect week can have a perfect day
and a perfect day can have a perfect hour
and a perfect hour can have a perfect minute
and a perfect minute can have a perfect second
then one moment in time can represent a perfect year.

Test your Mind with Games

Mind Games can be a Test of Psychic Powers. 
Test your Psychic Powers

You may have psychic powers without knowing it. There is a way to test yourself. If you really wanted to know. Have you ever had the thought that someone is read your mind? If it has ever occurred to you that others can read your mind and you can't read theirs, I have a solution for you. Turn the idea of reading minds into a game.

By being aware of what you are thinking every time you move, you can tell what thoughts are motivating your actions. If someone is playing a mind game with you, you'll know it. Watch the thought you find is causing you to take action. Games like mind control sometimes involve timing. The first one to react to the thought is the one under control. Wait for someone else to take the action. If they're reacting to the same thought, you'll know how to make them move instead of you.

Becoming a Psychic
The key to playing the mind reading game is timing. Notice the thought that occurs when your about to take an action. Wait to see if anyone else does what you were going to do. If they do you know that you can influence them instead. Careful this game seems paranoid but it isn't. You're just becoming aware of the thoughts that you are listening to and finding out if anyone else hears the same thing. When you find the thought that makes you move, use it. Have the thought yourself and wait for someone else to move. If they do then you are communicating with their mind.

The test now is to generate a different thought and wait for someone to react to it. If they do you know you are telepathic. You have a psychic power. Just by noticing your own thoughts you may find the key to reading minds. Games are fun and this one is too. Use your awareness of your thoughts. know what you are thinking and you may know what others around you are thinking.

There was a cash prize offered to anyone who can show evidence of real psychic powers. The prize for passing the test is one hundred thousand dollars. If you do have a real ability you may consider taking that test. I know I will.  Good Luck.

Games for the Mind

Anyone can be taught to play Mind Games.

Games played in the mind can be fun and give the brain a healthy workout.  You've probably heard of body language but have you heard of environmental language. Body language shows you the message that other people are sending to you with their bodies. Environmental language or the language of the space around you is what the life is trying to tell you.

Body Language

Just try turning, what's going on around you, into a sentence. Something like " the woman walked quickly down the street."  Write several sentences and then put them together. You might be surprised to find a message hidden in the actions of others. For example, I noticed several people walking in the same direction. It seemed unusual to see so many colorfully dressed people walking toward the same location. I found out it was a holiday celebration. I'd failed to notice an upcoming. holiday. But that's not all you can find by becoming aware of your reality.

Reality interpretation can be stimulating and can heighten your awareness of your surroundings. There is a possibility that we are in a programmed reality something like the matrix. The computer-generated environment idea is taken seriously these days. With serious concentration, you may be able to find your own evidence that the world is a  programmed simulation. Reality may teach you some new games or show you a programming glitch. An unusual occurrence may mean an error in programming. Something you might find by reading your environment carefully and looking for the strange stuff.  Games, in reality, have rules. So, a glitch would be breaking the rules. Therefore, you'll know it, when you find it.
World Game

Translating reality is one of many mind games that can be played. Remember that thought you think the most is your strongest and the strongest thought is the one that happens. So, pick your thoughts carefully.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Language is the Software of the Brain.

The Human Program is written in words.

The computer is a system of hardware and software. The hardware is the circuit boards and components of the physical machine. The software is the language that generates the program that makes it function. The software will someday allow the computer to think.
For now, it enables all the control functions and
produces an indispensable information tool.

The human being also has hardware and software. The hardware is the body and brain. The software is the language. The brain can be programmed using words and sentences in sequence just as a computer is programmed using a certain computer language. The words are very effective in generating mood and emotion. Purpose and direction can be simply a statement or statements that expound such ideas. Words are very effective programming elements

As an example, I remember sitting in fear one day. There was no apparent reason for the fear but it was persistent and getting stronger. I had no idea what to do until I noticed a word popping in and out of my imagined visual panorama. The word that I kept discovering was fear. My feelings were being generated by a word that I was imagining. I changed that word from fear to fair and my feelings changed also. My fear was gone.

Words are the software of the brain and can be strong enough to generate your emotions, your mood,  and your desires. In the proper sequence, the words could generate your personality and perhaps even your sense of free will. The software we call language may be the basis for all of what we think and do. Your free will may be a series of statements, like a program, that tells you what to decide in any given situation.

The software of the brain is language. All we are or think we are maybe a series of statements telling us how to think But the program can be changed by making the effort to make different statements. Say something different every day and you may generate your own free will.

The Mind can generate a treatment for the Body

A Mental Treatment for the Physical Form can be Effective. 

The mind can not tell the difference between the real and the imaginary experience. An imagined sensation can be real to the body if the thought is persistent enough. For example, I pinched my finger once while using a pair of pliers. The sensation that I had felt like a cut. But there was no cut in my finger. The treatment recommended was to rub a cooling save on the aching part. But cut feeling persisted, however, and within minutes an actual cut appeared.

My mind had somehow generated a cut in the area that I had felt was damaged. If the mind can generate a cut based on a feeling that it can eliminate a cut based on the opposite feeling. The reverse would have to be possible also.

Reversing the feeling of being cut would be the effective treatment that your mind could use to heal your wounds. Not just a feeling of well being but a feeling that reverses the sensation of being cut. Persistence would be the key to an effective treatment. It took several minutes for my sensation of being cut to turn into an actual laceration.

An effective mental treatment of body would involve persistent feelings of well being. An optimistic point of view about your body's health could mean immunity to some diseases. If the brain or mind can injury the body with constant bad feelings, it can also heal the body with consistently good feelings. A treatment that is as simple as thinking good thoughts about yourself and the world around you would be very effective.

The placebo effect is an example of that kind of healing. Confidence in the medicine you've been given and the Doctor who gave it to you generates a good feeling that heals your body. Even when the medicine is only sugar pills. Sugar pills won't cure anyone. The treatment is effective because the mind holds a confident feeling of being healed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Translate your Thoughts into your Future.

The Mind can Translate everyday Experience into a Rich Future.

The more you think something the stronger it gets. Time is important in actualizing your thoughts. When your thoughts are strong enough the circumstances they represent become real. There are methods of interacting with the world that use confidence to get what is desired. If you had the power to materialize anything you wanted just by thinking about it, the thought you would hold would be about what you wanted not about what you didn't want.

The thought would quickly materialize your imagine product. If you had just half of that power you used to materialize something, it might take longer to get what you wanted. You would have to hold the thought for a longer time. If your power were a lot less than omnipotent,t you would have to hold the thought of what you wanted for a lot longer time.

Thus the ordinary power level of your thoughts could be translated into what you wanted by holding the thought for a much longer time. So to get what you want with your present level of thought, you would need to translate your world into the powerful world where you get everything you think of.

That would mean being confident in any situation, even if it seems not to be going so well. Your thought, even though it may take longer to happen would be what you needed to solve your problem. So translate the world into the world that it would be if you had the power. Any problem would be solvable the circumstances could be translated into the thoughts appropriate to winning. The effect of your thoughts would just take a little longer to be realized.

Translate your everyday experiences into the rich future that you know having enough power would give you. Remember to hold the thought long enough for it to be effective.

Physical Recovery can be a Mental Process

The Mind can Help in Recovery from Injury or Illness.

The liver can regenerate with only 25%  of its mass remaining. If every organ could do that, recovery from illness or injury would be easy. What was the reason that the liver could recover so completely? After researching the idea thoroughly, I found that the liver has more mitochondria per cell than other organs.

 Mitochondria produce energy for the cell. If there are more of them, more energy will be produced. The reason for the liver's ability to regenerate seemed clear. It had enough energy for the cells to regenerate an entire organ with only a small amount of the original mass remaining.  Recovery or not must be dependent on how much energy was available for each cell.

Mitochondria can reproduce and the number reflects the amount of energy the cells uses on average. To increase the number of mitochondria per cell more energy must be used by the tissues that need healing. If the injury is to a muscle than that type of tissue must be exercised vigorously to increase the number of mitochondria doing the cell's work. An injured muscle would be hard to exercise.

Since the brain can not tell the difference between an imagined or a real exercise, the muscle could be forced to generate more than normal energy with an imagined exercise. Recovery then would depend solely on the amount of thought put into an imagined exercise that uses the injured muscles. With continued practice of such a remedy, enough  energy would be generated for the muscle to recover

Recovery from injury or illness could mean deciding what mental exercise would best involve the tissue needing to recover. Since a metal exercise could be done continuously with no need to rest and could be done in any environment, the energy needed for recovery should be acquired quickly and easily. The Mind can be
 the essential factor in physical recovery.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Trading Forex Currency Pairs

Trading in the Forex Market can be a Rewarding Experience.

The forex market is open 24 hours per day. There are four market trading sessions each open and close at different times of the day. The New York market opens at  8:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm EST. The Tokyo market opens at. 7:00 pm and closes at 4:00 am EST.  The Sydney market opens at 5:00 pm and closes at 2:00 am EST. The London market opens at 3:00 am and closes at12noon EST. Since these markets overlap, traders can trade at any time day or night five days a week.

Trade with the trend. Remember the trend is your friend. Check the time frame higher than the time frame your trading on to see if your trend is true. So if your trading on the hour chart check the 4-hour chart and make sure your trend will last. Trading against the trend is possible because the trend will retrace at some point but that kind of trade is risky. The long-term trend can be profitable. Check the daily chart and found out if the conditions are right are a long-term position. But if you are a scalper you may want to check the five or even one-minute chart for an opportunity.

It is best to buy the quote currency during the market hours for that currency. In other words, the eur/usd will be most active during the New York and London session. So it would be best to open a trade in that currency during those trading hours. You can buy or sell a standard or mini lot. A pip of the standard lot is worth $10 and a pip of a mini lot is worth $1. So if you buy one standard lot at  1.8050 and it moves to 1.8100 you gain 50 pips or $500. If you sell at 1.8050 and it drops to 1.800 you gain 50 pips and again you win $500.

It's possible to trade automatically with what is called an expert advisor, which is a program that does all the trading for you. You can load the program onto any time frame, enable to work and it will do all the buying and selling. If your EA is good you can make money with little experience but be sure to test it with a demo account before you use real money. In fact, it's a good idea to test your own trading strategy with a demo account before you risk real funds.

Good Weather can Be Counter-clockwise

Why Hurricanes rotate counter-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.

The reason that hurricanes move counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere is that the speed of the planet at the equator is about 1000 mpg but as you move toward the pole the distance traveled in the same time is less. The air above the land at high latitudes moves at a slower velocity because the velocity of the earth beneath is slower.

Hurricane in the Northern Hemisphere
At some point, the atmosphere becomes layered like the atmosphere of Jupiter. The layers move at different velocities and as the faster layer moves passed the slower layer it causes the atmosphere to turn. The atmosphere toward the pole moves slower and relatively in the other direction. Therefore the weather fronts of the northern hemisphere rotate counterclockwise.

The weather generated by the relative difference in atmospheric velocity cause hurricanes and cyclones to move in a counter-clockwise die=rection in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. The relative velocity of the atmosphere in the southern hemisphere would be reversed. Thus, the direction of the weather fronts would cause wind rotation that would be reversed from that of the northern hemisphere.
Hurricane in the Southern Hemisphere

The severe weather around the equator is caused by the high wind velocities generated by the earth's rotation. the severity of weather would, therefore, diminish as you move toward the poles. The least amount of weather variation would be at either pole and directly over the equator where wind velocities would be at near zero. The addition of the wind velocities of the northern and southern hemisphere would cause a zone of no weather.

Vacations on the equator would be perfect since there would be no bad weather to interfer with your good time.

Monday, May 21, 2018

A Speed Test for the Heart

A Fast Heartbeat could mean Eternal Youth.

There is a simple correlation between heart rate and age. The faster your heart beats the younger you are. That may mean that aging is caused by a slowing of the heart. Of course, there are other symptoms of aging but they may all be attributed to a slowing of the heart. The faster you heart the younger you are and the slower your heart the older you are. But how fast can a heartbeat?

                                             The hummingbird's heart can reach a level of 10 beats per second.
So what if the human heart could beat that fast. Would it mean never-ending youth? It might mean high blood pressure or is that really caused by clogged veins. A fatter heart could mean greater health rather than poorer health due to internal pressures. Such pressures may actually be beneficial to healing and maintaining body system. The hummingbird seems to handle it well.

But how do you speed test your heart? How would you make the heart beat faster? Exercise does speed up the heart as the body uses more oxygen to maintain its functions. So exercise may be the key  But what exercise can be done constantly to keep the heart at a constantly faster rate.

 It is known that an imagine exercise can have
 the same effect on the body that a real exercise does.
Tests have shown that an athlete's body will react to an imagined exercise in the same manner that it reacts to a real exercise. The key to keeping your heart beating faster than is in a constantly imagined exercise. Something like that can be done continuously without need of rest. If done properly such an imagined exercise like jogging could return your body to good health and heal your wounds. It may even be able to prevent or cure diseases.

The Movie of the Mind

Self-image is an image of yourself but there also can be a self- movie.

The self-image is an important part of the human mind. The image of yourself is determined by many factors. It is an important representation of your state mind and body. Your health may also be determined by the image you hold of yourself. The image may be dynamic and changing as does the weather. If you've ever examined the picture you have of yourself, you know it can change almost by the hour, depending on who you may be interacting with or whether your favorite football team has won or lost.

The smile or frown on your face can determine if your happy or depressed. So depression may be caused by not remembering to smile. Some anger may be caused by the frown you wear as proof of your dissatisfaction at having lost the weekend chess game. In fact, your self-image may be dynamic enough to call it a sell-movie.

The idea of a self-movie can be applied, not only to the changing image you have of yourself but also to changing circumstances of your life. A self-movie could include your daily routine and working environment and may even contain speculation about what you will become in the years ahead. Some believe that if the self-move is played often enough, it will actually determine your future.

But since the self-movie is imagined, it can be changed. This suggests that you have control of your future Just by changing the movie of your life that is probably running constantly in your head, you can change your future. Make the changes in your life that you want but thought out of your reach.

Change your mind movie and change your world. ,

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Earth's Core

The Core Temperature is as Hot as the Surface of the SUN.

The sun generates all the energy effects we see on the earth. It powers storms and hurricanes and cyclones and volcanoes. The core temperature equals the surface temperature of the sun, Some of the energy effects may due to the core temperature. If the sun is somehow powering the core, then the Earth's core may be responsible for some of the energy effects the move our planet.

Earth's Core
The core may be responsible for an energy we can't yet measure Tin pests is a term given to a process that burns up frozen tin. At temperatures of  -40 degrees centigrade tin begins to deteriorate like a burning cigarette. That may mean that there is an energy radiating up from the ground that is potent enough to melt frozen tin.

Gamma Ray Flash
Such energy would explain some of the phenomena that occur routinely on Earth. Thunderstorms, for example, can generate a lightning bolt that jumps from ground to cloud. Maybe that mysterious energy that burns up tin is throwing lightning bolts at clouds. There could have to be a great amount of energy at ground level for that to happen.

That energy that has remained undetected could also be causing terrestrial gamma-ray flashes. If there is enough to cause a lightning bolt to jump from ground to cloud, there may be enough to cause the huge burst of energy at cloud tops around the equator that generate gamma radiation.

Such an extreme amount of energy if harness could power systems for years to come. We may someday turn on our machine by catching the energy that comes out of the ground. This invisible energy generated by the core may be the key to future sustainable supplies of energy.


A Real Movie Power

The Scanning Power from the Movie 'Scanners" can be real.
The scanner power is a mind control power that can generate incredible energy. It is acquired at birth and can be a disruptive force in your life before you learn control. To gain control of your power you have to silence the voices in your mind. There are meditation methods that recommend silencing the internal dialogue to attain wisdom and power.

One method would be to breathe faster and focus on the sound of your breathing. Breathing faster gives you more energy and focusing on your breath takes your attention away from the internal dialogue.

Another method is to generate a sound to accompany your breath. It could be a single tone or the chorus your favorite song. Play the sound loudly in your mind to take the focus away from the internal dialogue. Then concentrate on the sound of your breathing. and your chosen sound together. Play them both together will lead to a refreshing feeling of breathing whenever you play your sound.

The more you think something the stronger it gets. The intensity of your sound will go up the more you practice it. Since the brain stores intensity as frequency, your sound thought will increase in frequency. This higher energy is what you will be projecting into others as you learn to control minds.

The higher the frequency of your thought the less resistance another mind will show.As with hypnosis, your thought frequency will be higher than theirs as the hypnotist suggests the subject should sleep. their brain frequency goes down. The hypnotist who is awake has the higher brain frequency, which makes the subject suggestable.

Since your brain frequency is much higher because of the intense sound you are generating, you with be able to make suggestions to others as though they are hypnotized. AS you play your sound make your suggestions and watch for reaction.

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Home of the Imagination

Imagination can Affect our Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Imagination as part of the mind should be able to grow with us. Just like muscles the more you exercise them the stronger they get. Imagination is the same. If you use your imagination enough, it will become much stronger. To exercise your mind with your imagination you would need a buffer. Since the imagination can get kind of wild, use memories to focus on. Take a favorite memory and change it with your imagination. Memories will not be as wild and can go back to normal with little effort.

Everyone has a favorite song or a favorite movie or a favorite scene from a favorite movie. Use that memory to practice on. Change a song by adding words or changing the tune or even by playing it louder. As your imagination grows stronger you will gain more control and be able to generate your own songs or movies.

These sense of control should extend into the dream world where control may be had controlling the senses. What other controls could the dream world have but control of the senses? The senses use the same cell circuits for input and output so learning to control your imagination should involve your eyesight. Learning to control your sound memories should involve your ears.

In time your imagination will grow strong and who knows how much a strong imagination can do.
If the dream world can be controlled with the senses may be the imagination can grow strong enough to control the real world. Psychic powers might be generated in such a manner. The brain may have limitations but the mind may not. There may be no limits to how strong your imagination can become.

The Human Program

The Human Brain can be Programmed like a Machine.

The brain may be more like a computer than you know. It can be programmed to understand, react, and behave just as though its reactions were information gained normally. Language is a good example of the programming possibilities. Two people saying the same thing in different languages and yet neither understands the other. Each has been taught different information. The sounds they make are totally different but their brains interpret them the same.

Can the idea of programming be taken a step further into emotional responses and beliefs? Can all we know as human simply be a program of information that our brains perceive as ourselves. If we are the information we know as emotion and beliefs could two people be programmed with exactly the same information. Would these two people now be the same person?

Twins seem to turn out very similar as though they were listening to the same biological signals.
They are so similar you may not be able to tell them apart. Their programs may be identical.
That suggests that at least some of the programming is coming from an internal system, probably
the DNA. That may mean that DNA contains information about who we are or what we should be.

Destiny might be written in our genes. How we will handle the information of the world may determine what we will become. But even though we may be preprogrammed to be what we are, we have the choice of changing the program and changing our destiny for the better. Your genes may actually be telling you what to believe or know but at some point, you can take control and lead yourself into the future. A future of your own choosing.

New Results for the Quantum Experiment

Quantum Theory Can be Understood.

The quantum double slit experiment is the beginning of quantum weirdness. It is conducted by pointing an electron beam at two slits and looking at the screen in the back to see what kind of pattern develops. The pattern will tell you what the electron is a wave or a particle.
The Quantum Experiment

So, the scientists pointed their electron beam at the two slits and looked at the screen in the back and found a wave pattern. This was unexpected so they decided to turn down the electron beam until they got one electron at a time. Then they pointed it at the two slits again, expecting to generate a particle pattern. But they got another wave pattern instead.

This was so unexpected that the scientists decide to put a sensor on one of the slits to see which way the electron went. When they did that when they knew which way the electron went, the wave pattern broke down and they got a particle. pattern.

Numerous experiments conducted afterward proved that the sensor didn't change the results of the experiment and the final conclusion was that the observer, just by observing, changed the results of the experiment.

My conclusion was different from that of the scientists. I concluded that the quantum double slit experiment had found the point at which the mind begins to influence the world around it.  That makes sense because in order to walk, talk and think in the body you have to be able to influence chemistry. The body is basically a complex chemical reaction. Chemistry is electron exchange so moving electrons around is a basic talent that we all need to walk and talk and think. Basically, quantum physics has discovered the point at which the mind begins to influence the universe.

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Games of the Mind

Dopamine can Reward you for Your Personality

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter of reward. It is activated when you anticipate something good happening to you. Therefore, it seems logical to exaggerate a  good event. Positive thinking which seems to work would be rewarded by the dopamine system. The personality trait of anticipating good is one of six different personality traits that we have noticed that seem to receive a reward.

The six personality traits are commander and commanded comedy and drama, and intellect and emotion. There seems to be a dopamine receptor for each trait. Realization of a particular trait is healthy while non-realization or unfulfillment can mean disharmony and mental problems.

The commander is confident and in control, while his counterpart is unsure and easily lead.
Commanding others certainly has its reward if done properly but if mistakes are made one can suffer instead. Likewise being commanded can have its reward in getting the job done and acclaim from the commander but if errors are made reward is eliminated. The successful personality finds reward while the unsuccessful personality receives the punishment which could lead to mental illness.

You may have witnessed comedy and drama in your own situation. The sense of humor that can laugh at others to the point of ridicule or even laughs at others in danger. Such a person is getting its reward from laughter or finding something funny in any situation. There can be a great reward in making others laugh but if done wrong you can sound evil and uncaring, deserving of punishment instead.

 Drama gets its reward from exaggerating the situation into crisis and then solving it. The greater the crisis the greater the reward for a solution but exaggerating the situation can turn it into a disaster with no solution. If that happens there is no reward and the punishment can again lead to mental illness or breakdown.

The last one is intellect and emotion. The emotion can get things done. Losing your temper at the right time can motivate some to do their best for you. Emotion or temper can take the lead and force others to solve the problem. But emotion can backfire by causing conflict that results in violence and injury. Emotion has a risk of deadly consequences. The intellect may inspire others to do their best by leading them and showing everyone what can be done. But intellect can lead to detachment and lack of caring. Some intellect may even devalue others extremely as a mean of getting things done.

So each trait has it rewards generated by dopamine. Since any personality traits may find greater reward in exaggeration, the solution to any problem may be extraordinary because the surge of DOPAMINE  would be greater for it.

The DNA Functions like the Senses.

DNA Generates RNA in a New WAY

The color of butterfly wings is not generated by pigment but by the structure of the protein in its wings. The blue in the butterfly's wing would be generated by a protein structure that absorbed red and green light leaving blue light to be seen. Green  leaves are green because the leaf reflects green and absorbs the other light wavelengths

The human eye has receptors in the eye that react to colors by absorbing some colors and transmitting others. Rods and cones have an antenna-like structure that absorbs light and activates the cells that transmit that light signal to the brain.

We are suggesting that DNA behaves in the same way that the senses do in absorbing and transmitting frequencies. The DNA reacts to signals transmitted by the senses by absorbing the frequencies transmitted by the senses.

 The DNA is reacting to the wavelength of the signal transmitted to it. Therefore, the distance between the nitrogenous bases of nucleotides is what determines what signals are received and what proteins are generated not by the nucleotides themselves.

The senses translate the environmental signal into frequencies that the DNA can receive.  The DNA reacts to the sensory signals by producing proteins that are also reactive to the sensory signals based on the wavelengths generated by the distance between the nitrogenous bases of the nucleotides

 The rods and cones of the eye react to light, by absorbing light of a certain frequency with their structure. All sensory information is in the same frequency range. The DNA reacts to the sensor signal and produces the protein that will react by absorbing the same signal.

The DNA decodes for frequencies received from the environment. Frequencies are sounds and sounds are words. The DNA could generate a protein that represented an entire word. If a word could be generated, then a sentence could be generated and even a paragraph or an entire book or series of books like an encyclopedia.

Ninety-eight percent of our DNA does not decode for protein structure. What if that 98% was instead information. User instructions for the body or information about the world. The junk DNA could be a library of information about the universe left to us by our creator, God Almighty.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Ocean Currents have a Unique Potential.

There is a New Energy Source Deep in the Ocean.

Deep ocean currents move in such a regular pattern that they can be used to drive generators.
A generator of appropriate design could be placed in the path of one of the ocean currents to generate electrical power. Moving water could propel a turbine and spin a magnet causing a fluctuating magnetic field that generates electricity.

The generator would need to be able to stand the pressures at ocean current depth and an attached cable would run from the generator to a land-based power station. The station would distribute the energy for commercial or private uses.

Thermohaline currents, as they are called, are driven by differences in temperature and salt content of the ocean water. The colder water flows toward greater depths and spreads out at the ocean bottom becoming the deep water. The flows start at colder regions such as the Arctic and flows toward greater depths and densities. This regular movement of water is regular enough hardness. The pressure and saline resistant generators should be attached to the surface with buoys allowing maintenance.

The differences in density at great depths may allow the generation of energy to be as simple as lowering a conductor to appropriate depths to collect the excess electrons generated by the pressure of the water at that depth. There need not be any moving parts so maintain would be unnecessary. So simply by plugging to the ocean depth, a new supply of energy may be utilized.

Great Energy can be Generated with Bubbles

 Bubbles Generate Temperatures High enough for Fusion.

Sonoluminescence is the conversion of sound energy to light energy by applying sound at the right frequency to a bubble. A bubble created in water can generate light if stimulated by sound at the right frequency. Sonoluminescence turns bubbles into light generators.

If bubbles stimulated by sound can generate light, can bubbles stimulated by light generate a much higher frequency such as nuclear energy? Light to gamma ray may be a real possibility if a light of the right frequency is applied to a bubble. It appears that the spherical structure can change one frequency into a higher frequency if the resonant frequency of the bubble is used.

Since the spherical shape is the important part of this proposed generator, An artificial bubble made of some flexible material could become a permanent generator. The manufactured bubbles could be charged with appropriate materials that would resonate at appropriate frequencies and generate higher energies. The temperatures attained by ordinary bubbles suggests that artificial bubbles would be able to generate fusion-level temperatures.

An artificial bubble charged with hydrogen and stimulated at the right frequency could generate fusion energy. Many different materials might be used to charge the bubble generator since many materials could reach resonance. The bubble generator could also stimulate these materials to fission reactions which would take the materials apart generating a usable excess of energy. This device would be a nuclear furnace in which any material might be turned into energy for commercial use.

Even trash and garbage could be turned into usable energy with this NUCLEAR FURNACE.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Spacestations are the means of Colonizing other Worlds.

A Spacestation Around Every Planet

One prohibitive factor in colonizing the solar system is whether or not to land on planets with hostile environments. Venus has a temperature and pressure on its surface that would destroy a spaceship with the level of present-day technology. Mercury is too hot and Jupiter's gravity is far too great to allow a landing.

Instead of risking colonizing a hostile environment, it would better to set a space station in orbit around the planet. The station would give us a friendly environment from which ships could be dispatched to the planet's surface if necessary. Since astronauts would not have to risk landing, a space station could be set in orbit around every planet without great risk to the crew members.

With this idea in mind, we could colonize every planet. The colonies would be the space stations in orbit. Complications of landings and takeoffs would be avoided and data could be gathered by robots better suited to survive the planet's environment. The stations could be large enough to provide living quarters for the crew and an environment that would allow experimentation with samples of the planet's surface.

The only risk that the crew might face could be the periodic trip back to earth when they finished their shift. With adequate supplies of all necessities, the crew could concentrate on the gathering of data and its' use in experiments designed to understand the planet they orbited. Colonizing the planets in this manner would give us the chance to understand the solar system and all the planets it contains.

Zero Gravity Electric Generators

Orbital Energy to Power Earth-based Systems

 Getting a magnet to move is necessary to generate electricity there are many ways to do that. Most generators are power by falling water as some dams provide or by steam created by heating water. The steam can be created by something as simple as heating water with fire or something as complex as a nuclear reactor. In each case, energy is used to start the magnet moving and keep it in motion.

Everything is weightless in orbit. A magnet could be set in motion with very little and would continue to rotate with very little external energy. In the magnet may need no more energy to keep it moving. The inial application of force may be all that it needs to generate its electrical power.

With a stationary orbit, a generator could be placed over any city. The power from the satellite could be beamed to Earth with microwaves because the atmosphere does not absorb that frequency of energy. Power stations on earth would receive the transmissions and convert the power to a useable form. Extra energy could be stored in batteries for future use if the generator ever needs an extra push.

Zero gravity generators could be used to power space station and spaceships giving the astronauts an unlimited supply of electrical energy that would be reliable even at distances that would make solar power impracticable.  Orbital space generators could be placed in orbit around the moon or Mars to support any colonization efforts with a reliable and plentiful source of electrical power.

In space, no one can hear you scream but they could hear the hum of your beam when you transmit power home.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Atmospheric Voltage Gradieint can Generate Power.

The Atmosphere could Satisfy All ours Energy Needs.

There is an atmospheric voltage gradient of 100v/m on clear days a much larger gradient during storms. The atmosphere is an insulator and conducts at 3 million volts per meter. If a tower was raised to the sky at a particular level you would be able to access all the energy we may need.    A  1000 meters at a  gradient of 100v/m would give us 100,000volts to ground. During a storm, the voltage would be in the millions.

Another way of accessing the clouds would be to float a cable up to an appropriate height. A cable attached to a balloon might attain greater heights than a tower. A more durable connection might be had by floating a metal balloon that could be maintained for an indefinite length of time. A metal balloon with a vacuum created in it would float if its surface area were great enough to produce the force needed to float it.

A floating platform could also be developed to reach the clouds. Using the metal vacuum idea
a flat metal landing surface could be floated to cloud level if the surface area of the platform is large enough to generate the force to keep it floating. Several of the hovering structures with cables attach could generate quite a bit of energy. That energy could power our civilization for many years.

The pressure of the atmosphere is 14 pounds per square inch at sea level.  With a million square inches of surfaces area, our floating platform could lift 14 million pounds off the ground. These floating structures could be used as workspaces, living spaces or even landing platforms for military aircraft. There may be many other ways of using such a structure.

Although the tower still sounds like a great idea. A tower to the heavens that generates energy sounds like the tower of babel and if it's tall enough it may really be a skyscraper.

The Magnetic Field that Generates Electricity Spontaneously.

A  Magnetic Field Generates Electric Current with no moving Parts

A magnetic field will force ions to move in a circular motion. In order to generate an electric current, a rotating magnetic field is used. What if the electric field was rotating instead of the magnetic field.

The magnetic field could force a stream of ions in a circular pattern that moved through a metal ring. That would induce a current in the ring. Several wire coils through the metal ring would amplify the voltage like a step up transformer.

A hollow tube of ions could be used as the wire conductor and generate the circuits. Nanotube could be used as the wire elements filled with ions and generating the circuit patterns. The diameter of the tube would represent resistance, capacitance would be represented by an accumulation of ions in a larger diameter tube.and  the coil or inductor would be represented by a coiled tube section.

The charged nanotube circuitry would be powered by a magnet that forced ions to move through a circular tube that runs through a step-up transformer configuration that powers the system. Just by varying the diameter and the shape of the tube you could generate many different field effects. The different field effects could generate interference patterns that would simulate real patterns.

Nanocircuitry may be the beginning of a new technology that could generate artificial intelligence and eventually create the artificial consciousness of the machine.

Monday, May 7, 2018

The Brain Generates the Mind.

The Mind that could span the World.

Consciousness is an attribute we all sure. Although its hard to tell sometimes who is actually conscious and who isn't. The brain is the nucleus of the mind as the portion is at the nucleus of the atom. The mind is the energy equivalent of the brain and can be extended into space to interact with other minds.

The concept of superconscious states that there is the individual and theoretically all other life is connected to a single mind that is extremely intelligent and capable of extraordinary actions.
To communicate with the super consciousness all one has to do is pick a thought and repeat often enough and the supermind or superconsciousness will become aware of it. When this supermind becomes aware of your thought, it will act on it.

We know that repeating a thought adds energy to it,   Higher energy means higher frequency to the brain. So as your thought gains energy its frequency goes up. Just like a capacitor, two conductors separated by an insulator like air, when frequency goes up the resistance goes down.  The conductors are the brains separated by the insulator air  and as the frequency of your thought goes up brains would begin to connect. Remember the mind is an energy extension of the brain. Which suggests that the supermind is a collection of minds.

When the brain reaches out with its mind it encounters less resistance with higher frequency thoughts and begins to connect. Theoretically, at some frequency and power level, all the minds on the planet would be connected. Since there may be no limits to the mind's capacity it might be that at the right frequency the mind would span the Galaxy. Generating a galactic superwind. and giving credence to the slogan  May the Force be with you.